A Saturday Night Wine & Food Pairing – Sauvignon Blanc Release

June 30, 6-9PM

Summer doesn’t begin until a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc is chilled in a bucket of ice on the back deck. Who doesn’t love a refreshing cool glass with crisp tangy flavors mixed with a kiss of fruit. Combine that with the warmth of the sun and all stresses seem to melt away. Summer and Sauvignon Blanc simply go together. It is such a popular and versatile wine. Not only can it be enjoyed alone but it also pairs easily with all kinds of foods. It is for this reason that Nevada City Winery will not go a single day without Sauvignon Blanc. The 2016 is SOLD OUT but 2017 is ready to be chilled.

Join us for a celebration of its release on Saturday, June 30th. From 7-9 pm, enjoy a glass of our 2017 Sauvignon Blanc with carefully selected pairings of Crudités, Cheese, Charcuterie, and French bread. Savor a glass and open your senses to the layered complexity of this aromatic white wine. Come enjoy wine, food, and live music performed by Tom Macdonald at our beautiful downtown Nevada City venue.

Tickets are limited! Call ahead to make a reservation and guarantee your spot, 530-265-9463

The ice buckets are waiting!
$28 General public
$22 Club members
Reserve before June 30th to get $2 OFF!

About the Grape
Sauvignon Blanc is a green skinned grape variety that originates from the Bordeaux region and Loire Valley in central France. It is now widely cultivated in many of the world’s wine regions and produces a crisp, dry, refreshing white wine.

About the Wine
Sauvignon Blanc is known as a refreshing dry wine with great minerality, aroma and tastes of herbs, grasses and, thanks to the warm California sun, some floral notes with a kiss of fruit.

Food Pairings
The firm acids in Sauvignon Blanc make it easy to pair with foods; especially salads, tangy goat cheese, seafood, veggies, brussel sprouts, and asparagus. All of which will be featured in the food pairing we have planned for participants in this release event.

We’ll See You There!