4-H Decorates Nevada City for Christmas

The Kentucky Flat 4-H is making the Christmas Swags for Nevada City’s gaslights this year.   In keeping with the Victorian theme, Nevada City uses natural greenery for their holiday decorations just as was done in that era.

For over 30 years, Rodger Rollings, created the Swags for the town and this year he retired.   The Kentucky Flat 4-H stepped up to the task and is making the traditional Christmas Swags.   It’s a fundraiser for the 4’H and the Chamber is happy to have a local youth group involved.

“Nevada City is known for preserving the past and the Christmas Decorations in town reflect what would have been used so many years ago.” said Cathy Whittlesey, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce.

“Our Victorian Christmas events draw thousands of visitors every year.   The historic town provides the ambiance of an old fashioned Christmas and people are nostalgic during the holidays. It’s an outstanding celebration for the town.”