27th Annual Nevada County Food & Toy Run

On Saturday, December 8th, Nevada City will hear a low rumbling beginning at noon, as 1,500 to 2,000 motorcycles fire up their V-Twins, and begin crossing Hwy. 49 to West Broad St. and rolling slowly down Broad St. into Nevada City with thousands of people lining the streets and waving to riders on decorated bikes laden with unwrapped toys destined to the Nevada County Fairgrounds and the families waiting for them. This will be the 27th year that the Nevada County Food and Toy Run will bring food and toys to the low income families of Nevada County. Each family will receive their choice of a turkey or a five pound canned ham, a bag of potatoes and a grocery bag of food. Each child shall recieve three toys.

The route is the old N.C/G.V hwy, and the procession is escorted front and rear by the Nevada County Sheriff’s Deputies. All intersections are manned by Nevada City and Grass Valley Police, the Sheriff’s Volunteers, Search and Rescue, Fire Department and C.H.P.

If you have business in town on Saturday, December 8th, please be forewarned that you could be stuck in traffic for approximately 45 minutes, so plan accordingly. If you exit your car and wave to the riders, you will recieve smiles and waves in return.

If you would like to donate to the Toy Run, you may go to www.toyrun.org and click on the donate button, or send cash, check, money order, gold coin, etc, to: Nevada County Food and Toy Run, P.O. Box 549, Nevada City, Ca. 95959.

The Toy Run is supported by both City Councils, the Nevada County Board of Supervisors, and both Chambers of Commerce.
The public is invited to turn out and watch the parade pass by, or come out to the Fairgrounds, park in the front parking area, and coming in and see the families picking up the food and toys. Their will be food vendors that you can support, and they in turn support us.

If you have any questions, please contact the Toy Run at: thom@toyrun.org or, 530-913-7078. Merry Christmas and Happy Yule!