Don’t Forget to Dress Up Nevada City

Yes – That’s the plan starting on Friday, September 11th

The businesses in Nevada City will kick off this promotional campaign which is to dress in either Victorian or western costumes and extend their hours on Fridays and Saturdays for shopping convenience.

It’s kind of a show in itself and a fun idea that we hope will catch on and boost our weekend business in Nevada City.

The Dress up campaign is scheduled to happen from September 11th to the end of December.

What else is being added to the Dress Up Campaign? Chuck Shea , owner of The Parsonage Bed and Breakfast Inn, in conjunction with the Nevada City Carriage Company, will restart the horse carriages in Nevada City on Friday Sept 11th, and operate each weekend through Victorian Christmas.

The restart of the carriages is designed to open up the downtown shops and restaurants until late in the evening to provide for a new gathering spot for locals and visitors to come meet their friends, listen to music, and just have fun!