The 1st Annual Yuba Village Building Convergence

Happening in Nevada City and Surrounds June 20-25, 2017

We invite you to join your friends and neighbors- the “villagers” so to speak- in the streets for 5 days of community building and beautifying projects, workshops with both local and internationally recognized speakers, community meals, and music events.

Commercial Street will be closed to traffic for 3 days and filled with music and activities- including a farm to table feast & celebration in the street on Friday night.

The convergence will feature workshops and talks by community builders and leaders such as Starhawk, Penny Livingston, Mark Lakeman, Reinette Senum, and more, as well as an array of music and performances.

Yuba Village’s vision is to create space, time, and events which bridge the many diverse sections of our community and provide a deeper sense of connection and home with our neighbors through building and beautifying projects.

The Yuba VBC’s three primary producers are Erin Reschke, Alli Gallixsee and Thomas Spellman. As Alli says:

“We are bringing the Yuba Village Building Convergence to the community as a gift. We have heard from so many that they feel the widening of rifts both literal and metaphorical; geographic and political which divide us. The acknowledgement of these rifts are what inspired us…

What if the act of building a bench, planting a garden, reclaiming abandoned spaces for public enjoyment could help us build bridges between these divides? What if painting a planter box or a mural alongside a neighbor whose values differ from mine could cultivate common ground? Giggling over paint splatters; standing back to admire the fruits of our hard labor while wiping our brows in the heat; sharing a meal after a long day of volunteering- these activities have no inherent emotional or political charge.

Perhaps the simple act of building together could be the answer to fostering connections across the divides that have kept us from getting to know our neighbors and community members. It is this possibility that has kept the small core of us working tirelessly as volunteers for the past 8 months to bring the Yuba VBC to our beloved community.”

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