The Christmas Card Movie Locations

contributed by Erin Thiem, of Outside Inn

Have you seen the Hallmark movie The Christmas Card?  The movie stars Ed Asner, John Newtown and Alice Evans and takes place in Nevada City during the holidays.  The Outside Inn has hosted a number of movie fans from near and far over the last 5 years, so I decided it was time to make a locations map and help those who are looking for some of the picturesque spots from the film.  To help with the photo mission I brought along Carla Bonetti, of Nevada County Escapes.

The Hallmark Movie The Christmas Card Veterans Memorial location

Our first stop was 49 Crossing of the South Yuba River.  In the film there’s a Veteran’s Memorial at this location, please note that the memorial doesn’t exist in real life, but you can still see the spot where the couple kissed down by the river.

The Christmas Card mill location

Our next stop was the lumber mill in the film, which is Kubich Lumber Company in Grass Valley.  An intriguing site to see, the out of the way mill is an active working mill, please contact them direclty if you’re interested in visiting.

Nevada City Methodist Church, The Christmas Card movie

We then returned to downtown Nevada City, picking up our handy locations list from the Outside Inn and walked downtown.  Our first stop was the Methodist Church at the top of Broad Street.

The Christmas Card movie Nevada City locations

Next up we walked down the street and visited the National Hotel and the Nevada City Classic Cafe (known as Curly Fries in the film).

Downtown Nevada City location from The Christmas Card

And our last stop was the location of the Christmas Tree lot in the movie, which doesn’t really exist in downtown Nevada City, but you can visit Commercial Street and see the spot (just to the right of this corner).  If you’re not familiar with the area please feel free to stop by the Outside Inn for our new map of all of these locations.

Erin Thiem is the owner of Outside Inn, a small hotel in a quiet neighborhood in downtown Nevada City.  Erin is a passionate supporter of everything Nevada City.  She publishes articles on many local sites in town, including her own blog Innside Nevada City.

13 thoughts on “The Christmas Card Movie Locations

  1. Hello,

    Your web site is wonderful !
    I LOVE the movie The Christmas Card !
    It’s my favorite Christmas movie !
    I have it on DVD,
    We’ll this is my second DVD of it. I wore the first one out.
    My husband and I watch it together just about every other night, (all year long )
    Their are so many good messages in that movie!
    I use to live in Weimar Ca.
    So I was in Nevada City all the time !
    I wanted to live their.
    I really miss it.
    When I watch The Christmas Card movie I feel at home.
    My husband and I are into modeling HO trains,
    And were planning out a Nevada City layout to model.
    Thats how I found your site, I was looking for photos for ideas for the model.
    We’ll take care, And keep up the wonderful work !
    Happy Holiday’s

  2. I was thrilled to find this information on The Christmas Card movie. My husband and I love this movie and watch it every year during the holidays.

  3. I am like you, I love the movie. I do wish the Vitman Memorial would have been real, but; the thought was there. I also watch it everytime it comes on in the Christmas season! I almost can do the dialoge by heart! I am also glad they used a real town to do the filming of the movie. Gives it more character fore the movie.

    • Thanks Jackie for your comment, we don’t give out the address of the family home, but we can tell you that it’s here in Nevada County.

    • I can appreciate the owner’s privacy, but would it be possible to find out who designed their home or even get a floor plan. I fell in love with the house from movie and would so like to see a full floor plan.

  4. My input matches those of other people.
    White Christmas was always my favourite from being a child. This film has to match it. It’s serene, moralistic and combines all those values of life so many of us take for granted or have completely lost.
    If I had the option yes! I would watch it nightly it would be my cup of hot chocolate before retiring to bed.
    Excellent choice of actors….. Excellent choice of city and of course excellent directing and producing to provide us with a wonderful classic to be.

  5. The Best American Christmas Classic ever made. Reminds me of my childhood when families were families and Christmas was a family tradition.
    My daughter and I (both adults), are looking for a small friendly town to move to. Can you please provide me with the housing situation both rental and possible purchase? Also employment opportunities for executive secretaries within the business or hospital environment. Thank you and the photos are outstanding.

  6. Where exactly is the non-existent Christmas Tree lot? Commercial and what? N. Pine St.? Also where is the lake where the bench was set, please?

    • The Christmas tree lot was on the corner of North Pine & Commercial, where Matteo’s Public is located. If you want to know more about the film call Nevada City Classic Cafe. They were one of the film locations, and the owners know a lot about the filming of the movie.

    • Sorry for the delay, but the “Magic Spot” doesn’t exist. It was created for the film, and I’m not exactly sure where they filmed that scene.

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