Nevada City Photos and Videos

Nevada County Visitor’s Guide

Nevada County is noted for many wonderful attributes in addition to its Gold Rush lore. Residents and visitors alike enjoy its mountain trails and scenic rivers, award-winning restaurants, quality theater productions, museums, art galleries, and local wineries.
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nevada city videos

Nevada City Movies & Videos

Scenic and picturesque Nevada City has been featured in many films, television programs and commercials. Watch a trailer for the movie “The Christmas Card”, enjoy a short video about Victorian Christmas, or see the Nevada City commercial.
Movies & Videos

nevada city tours

Nevada City Tours

Wander through downtown Nevada City and find colorful wood and brick buildings, and some of the Sierra foothills’ finest examples of Victorian architecture. Discover where you can see the best fall colors. Take the “Nevada City Walking Tour” and discover many local, historical Gold Rush sites.
Local Tours

nevada city photos

Nevada City Photo Gallery

Want to learn more about Nevada City? Go to the Photo Gallery for a slideshow of downtown Nevada City, local attractions, surrounding lakes and rivers, and pictures from many of the annual events like Victorian Christmas, Summer Nights and the Nevada City Classic Bike Race.
Photo Gallery

nevada city historical sites

Nevada City Points of Interest

Discover the historical treasures in Nevada City. Wander into the National Hotel, the state’s oldest, continuously-operated hotel. Walk by the Sargent House on Broad Street, built in 1856 by civic leader and former U.S. Senator Aaron A. Sargent. Find the old Firehouse No. 2, featured in many photos of Nevada City.
Points of Interest

nevada city film location

Nevada City as a Film Location

Located amid deep green forested mountainsides, containing some of the finest 1800s architecture in all of California and inhabited by a fun-loving, arts and outdoor oriented population, Nevada City is a perfect filming location.
Film Location

social city guide nevada city

Nevada City Photos on SocialCityGuides

SocialCityGuides gives you real reviews, recommendations, and photos from real people on social media who have first-hand knowledge about Nevada City, and plus lots of other towns across the country.
Photos of Nevada City on SocialCityGuides

sierra nevada national geographic

National Geographic’s Geotourism Map Guide

Visit National Geographic’s Geotourism Map Guide, the source of California and Nevada’s indomitable spirit and unparalleled explorations. Use the Sierra Nevada travel planning map, print map, and the Free Mobile App to guide you through breathtaking landscape, local culture, and unforgettable vacations.
Geotourism MapGuide

nevada city virtual tour

Explore Nevada City in VTour’s Interactive Virtual Tour

VTour is a new multi media web technology that allows the user to move freely from one location to another in a journey of self selected discovery. Choose your location and view your path of travel as you walk to a destination. VTour’s powerful multi-media player entertains while it educates with the most dynamic electronic storybook capabilities online today.
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