Nevada City History

nevada city historyNevada City History

Nevada City is among the most interesting of California Gold Rush towns, attracting visitors from far and wide. The entire downtown district is a national historic landmark where guests enjoy quality dining, lodging, and shops, all flavored with old-fashioned Nevada City hospitality.

Nevada City History


california gold rushThe California Gold Rush

Discovery of gold in 1848 carried California’s name around the globe. Men came from the East, from England, Germany, Chile, China, and all around the world. By the mid-1850s, an estimated 120,000 miners were at work in California.

California Gold Rush


gold country attractionsGold Country Attractions

Grass Valley and Nevada City offer a range of gold mining history unequalled elsewhere in the Gold Country. All of the different mining techniques are explained and there are numerous exhibits of mining gear and memorabilia.

Gold Country Attractions


gold panningGold Panning

Some of the most accessible gold panning locations are on the South Yuba River at Bridgeport, Edwards Crossing and Washington, and on the Middle Yuba River at Oregon Creek. These are public stretches of river so you don’t have to worry about claimjumping.

Gold Panning


gold miningGold Mining Facts & Trivia

Have you ever wondered where the terms Cousin Jack, Cousin Jenny, Cornish Pasties, Highgrading, Sluicing, and Tommyknockers come from? Are you curious how much gold was mined in Nevada County?

Gold Mining