How many times have you heard that veterans’ and their caregivers have a difficult time getting the help they need? There are benefits available! Veterans won’t know they qualify for certain programs unless they ask, like the respite care program Helping Hands that provides respite for a caregiver of a dependent veteran living at home. In Nevada County, we are fortunate to have a veteran approved state licensed Adult Day Care that provides respite three days a week. The program is called Helping Hands and is in Penn Valley which is easily accessible by car or local ADA bus service. How many know the VA will provide respite care, often up to five days a week depending on need and where they live?

Caregivers of veterans who qualify for the program can request this service through the Aid and Attendance program or through a VA Physician at the veteran’s regional clinic. The Auburn VA clinic is where local veterans can see a physician to get approved.

To see if you or a loved one qualifies for this service visit, our local VA office at Brighton Greens by the fairgrounds or call us at Helping Hands 530-432-2540 and we will help you through the process.